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We offer creators and collections PeaceofMind and expert services and capabilities in both digital media (content) and internet (code).

We're excited about Bob Dylan

Digital ReLab is delighted to announce it has designed, implemented and built a digital archive for the Bob Dylan Music Company. Dylan is one of the most important figures of the 20th century and his base of material will certainly be enjoyed for centuries to come. We at Bluewall are very excited to match our expertise with a project of such importance.

Featured Project: Archive for the Bob Dylan Music Company

The project includes:

  • Security and Client Confidentiality
  • Consulting and Customizations
  • Comprehensive Digital / Physical Archive Strategy
  • Extensible Digital Architecture Plan and Framework Implementation
  • Simplified Ingestion, Retention and Recall of Master Digital Files
  • Encoding Audio and Video Media Files for HTML 5 compatibility
  • Browse-able highest quality Catalog / Archive powered by our platform, Starchive ™
  • Custom Architectural Storage Plan designed to scale with ingestion
  • Building Servers and Hardware Implementation
  • Archival Media Metadata Plan and Style Guide
  • Asset Inventory Reports and Knowledge Management
  • High Level Support and Maintenance
Starchive ™

Starchive ™ Components


Starchive ™ is incredibly especially soooooooo extremely uniquely powerful yet fast and simple.

Our Features

Audio, Video, Image Files

Store and deliver the highest quality content you can capture. Generate professionally optimized derivate files automatically upon ingest of original file(s).

Total Format Support

MPEG2, AVI, M2V, MOV, DNxHD, MP4, OGG, WEBM, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, FFF, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PDF, MP3, AIF, TXT, DOC and hundreds more.

Simple Scalable Storage

Store up to hundred of millions of media files with rich metadata. We offer both Cloud (CDN) and Pond (Local) storage options.

Customizable Metadata

Flexible and simple. Use our built in standards and/or create your own metadata fields.

Streamline and Automate Work

Save time and money. Automatically grow a metadata rich streaming catalog simply by dragging file(s) to a magic ingest folder. Let the system do all of the work for you so you can create more content.

Robust Search and Organizing

Intelligent Search Results.

Secure, Private or Public

Extensive access and permission options to slice and dice content based on user identity and level, metadata fields and values, and file format

More Cool Things

Ingest a file by emailing it to the system. Record and save audio and video streams and ingest.

and services...

We can install and customize variations of Starchive ™ to fit your size, budget, and requirements. Digital ReLab offer content holders and creators a customizable and integrated solution to remove barriers challenging the organization and distribution of content. Our team combines many skills and years of experience into our job which we use to provide top shelf media and technology consulting.
Contact us for our rates and services. We'd love to hear about what you are doing and give some good advice. We have creative ideas coming out of our ears if you want to freshen how you view your own collection.
We offer premium level support via text, phone, email, skype, and physical appointment. We'll keep your content and system healthy and let you know about updates and new features.
We love our clients and take an active stake in their success. We give clients access to our knowledge base and experience via consultations and engagements. Need some advice about new and emerging media give us a buzz, ping, tweet, or old fashioned phone call.

Meet the Team

  • Peter Agelasto Founder and Chairman

    Web Media Pioneer, Founder, Recording Studio Owner, and Archeologist. Fascinated by outer-space, Peter is also prescient with emerging media technology. Pictured with wife and co-founder Sara.

  • Richard Averitt Possibilian and CEO

    Digital ReLab relies heavily on Richard’s understanding of product development and life cycle. His operations acumen, management skills and repeated success shape the idea of Digital Re Lab into the business of Digital Re Lab.

  • The Fishels Industry Dynamo

    Jim and Parker Fishel are content mavens. Jim is a well loved Music Executive committed to empowering Artists and Collections. (Ditto) Parker who studies Library Science at UT, Austin

  • Tyler Sewell Sales & Creative

    Created the first content app for cell phone in 2000 5 years before the iPhone. Social Chatterbox, Podcaster, Creative Personality, Tyler knows how much time Bluewall's content platform saves right brain people like himself.

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Need some expert advise. Know of digital media projects that are looking for the right platform. Please the us know. We are content creators too and we understand the complex issues. This is why we built Starchive ™ :)

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  • Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm EST
  • Saturday - by appointment
  • Sunday - rest and reflection

About Digital ReLab

Digital ReLab is a visionary and leading-edge Internet multimedia company with expertise in audio, video and code. As digital architects and content developers, we focus on products and services that monetize all types of content.

As a company, Digital ReLab's core strength lies in our ability to move easily between the realms of code and content, helping move media from the microphone to the iPhone.

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